Martha's Story

 Photo by  JORGE LOPEZ  on  Unsplash

Photo by JORGE LOPEZ on Unsplash

Martha’s been independent for 15 years, so it wasn’t an easy conversation for the kids when they noticed her struggling with basic household tasks on Thanksgiving. She’d prepared dinner for 15 for as long as any of them remembered, but this year was different. Where she was at home amidst the chaos in prior years, directing and delegating work to the kids. This year she can’t quite keep up and her oldest daughter Sarah is picking up where Mom left off. 

By the end of Thanksgiving, Mom is totally beat and when she heads off to bed at 9, her four kids huddle in the living room.

They all see it. Martha’s lost weight, and she just isn’t getting around the way she used to. 

Sarah wonders out loud whether Mom needs some help. None of them have a clue where to start. A nursing home seems like a drastic step, and she’s getting by. She’s just not thriving like she used to. 

Where to turn?

Martha’s kids have a lot of questions:

  • Are there options for getting help for Mom short of a nursing home care?
  • Is there a way to get help in Mom’s home or is she going to have to move?
  • Can we start slow and figure out exactly what kind of help Mom needs?
  • What are independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing? 
  • Mom and Dad were savers, but they aren’t exactly rich. Is there anything that can be done to avoid spending everything they worked so hard to save?
  • How much does it all cost?
  • Are there government programs to help pay for care?
  • Is there anywhere we can turn for help?

Help is available!

There are a lot of resources for adult children concerned about Mom or Dad’s care. Aging Life Care Specialists, Medicaid experts, veteran’s benefits specialists, long-term care specialists, CPAs, financial advisors, insurance salesman, and countless others who are there to help, and each has his or her role. But rather than contact dozens of professionals, each with a specified role to play, why not start with someone who can pull the team together for you, someone who’s been there and done that for countless families in your situation. 

Enter the Elder Law Attorney

Families often don’t realize that an attorney can help. They think of attorneys as going to court and suing people, causing all manner of trouble, and generally just costing a lot of money. Sure, there are plenty of attorneys that fit that mold. But attorneys are supposed to be problem solvers, not problem creators. Sure, the attorneys that sue people often create problems for others, but they’re supposed to at least be problem solving for their clients, whatever their affect on everyone else! 

Elder law attorneys solve problems facing their aging clients. Those problems often center around finding and facing long-term care, although that’s not all they do. We’re going to focus on long-term care here.

How we can help.

When Martha and her kids sat down with us for the first time, they were nervous. Attorneys can be expensive! And a lot of them send “surprise” bills for thousands of dollars at the end of the month. 

Everyone relaxed when they understood that the attorneys at Sove Law, LLC never send “surprise” bills or charge an hourly rate. And the initial consultation is totally free! 

They were still skeptical, probably expecting a sales presentation. But they got something better than that: A caring, compassionate attorney who gave them useful, actionable advice. He told them that, since their dad had been a Vietnam veteran, Mom could get monthly payment from the VA to help pay for home care. He also let them know about other government programs that could help pay for more extensive care, should Mom need it later on. The attorney told them about senior living options that offer independence and easy accessibility to higher levels of care should the need arise. But he also told them that independent living facilities require new residents to have enough money to pay for years of care and that waiting too long to act could result in Mom losing some her many better options. 

Martha and her children left the meeting optimistic and ready to start considering their options.

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