Sove Law Estate Planning Services

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is the creation of documents that say how you want your finances and health handled when you’re no longer willing or able to handle them yourself. Most people think of estate planning as “death planning,” but that’s only one part of estate planning. 

What is an Estate?

Your "estate" is just the collection of all your property. But when we talk about "estate planning," we're usually talking about the sum of your property after you've died or become incompetent.

For more information about what an estate is, see What is an Estate? 

What is Probate?

"Probate" is the court process that has to be followed to transfer your estate to you loved ones and other beneficiaries. But keep in mind that not all property that you "own" is subject to probate administration.

For more information about the Probate Process, see What is Probate?

We offer both estate planning and estate administration services. Please contact at 937-985-1843 or by email at us for more information. 

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